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Posted on: 09/02/2024

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Raise a happy and healthy baby

The first year as a parent is filled with joy and challenges.

You might be feeling overwhelmed by questions, unsure about routines, or struggling with sleep deprivation.

Triple P Baby is here to support you.

This evidence-based programme equips you with the practical skills and knowledge to navigate this exciting, yet demanding, phase.

What you'll gain:

Stronger connection with your baby: Learn how to read their cues and nurture a loving bond.

Confidence in handling common challenges: From sleep routines to feeding frustrations, you'll have strategies to manage it all.

Reduced stress and anxiety: Equip yourself with tools to stay calm and positive, even on tough days.

Support from a community: Connect with other parents and learn from experts during group sessions or individual consultations.

Healthy development for your baby: Foster their emotional, social, and cognitive skills with positive parenting practices.

Triple P Baby is more than just sleep tips. It's a comprehensive programme that empowers you to build a foundation for a happy and healthy family.

Don't wait until you're feeling lost and discouraged. Join Triple P Baby and invest in your parenting journey from the very beginning.

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