Their first day at school is a huge milestone for you child and your child

This section of our website gives advice from getting your child ready for school, your child's development stages, to local activities. We’ve got lots of tips to get you both off to a good start. 

Child Development

As your toddler turns 3, they’re likely to be more independent than ever, and may want to go off on their own to explore, so you’ll need eyes in the back of your head as they get older - the more you can do to encourage them to do things for themselves, the better. This will really help them when they start school.

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School Readiness

School readiness means that your child has a range of knowledge and skills that will enable them to make progress through school and life. Your child being school ready is very important.

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Looking After Your Child's Oral Health

Tips to help your child with brushing their teeth and how you can look after their oral health

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Preparing Your Child To Start School

Starting primary school is a big event in every child’s life, and in every parent’s life too. It’s a big change that’s exciting and a bit scary. Even if your child went to the school nursery or has other friends starting they might still be nervous.

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Leisure and Activities

We believe every child should be able to access varied fun activities ensuring children have a playful childhood in Sandwell. From Go Play sessions to School Holiday activities, take a look at what Sandwell has to offer.

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