Before you know it your little one will be a toddler

Once they are on their feet they will be full of beans and exploring everything. You might find that having a toddler comes with a new set of challenges from sleeping, eating and even their behaviour. Here you will find some tips on parenting toddlers and ways to help make the daily toddler tasks a bit easier and also support their development.

Toddlers Development

Your toddler is constantly learning, moving in new ways, controlling hands and fingers and finding out about other people.

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When you’ve got little ones, bedtime can end up being a bit of a battle. Sometimes things go to plan, and other times just trying to get your child to go to sleep can feel like the biggest challenge. Whether it’s that they’re not sleeping, or that they keep getting up in the night, it can all get very tiring, very quickly.

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Toddler Speech

Did you know babies are able to listen from 23 weeks in the womb? This means that your baby will start hearing and learning words before they’re even born.

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Toddlers Oral Health

It's important as soon as your little one's teeth come through you look after their oral health.

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Play and Learn

Play is essential for your toddler’s development and learning through play is a natural way for them to learn. It's fun, engaging, and it helps them develop in many different ways.

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Toddler Behaviour

We have all heard of the "terrible twos". Tantrums are an important part of your child’s brain development and a way for them to learn how to deal with emotions, test boundaries, and express themselves. Tantrums help to develop neural pathways in their brain that will help them to manage stress when they’re older.

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