Antenatal Contact for Prospective Parents

This is your chance to get to know who your Health Visitor is and how they can support you.

We believe the key to your child’s health and wellbeing starts with you at this antenatal stage, the Health Visiting team will offer practical and individual advice on your health and wellbeing. They will also discuss preparing for birth and discuss any concerns you may have about becoming a parent. They will also share health and wellbeing advice depending on the latest global, national and local evidence.

We want parents to be sensitive and responsive in their caregiving, creating a loving environment for their child's wellbeing. Child development is important especially speech, language, and communication skills and good early childhood experiences provide the building blocks for the rest of your child’s life. The Health Visiting team will discuss ways you can help with your child’s development during this antenatal stage.

Mental health for parents is very important, so your Health Visitor will check in on how everyone is feeling and provide the correct support if something isn’t right.

If there are concerns about domestic abuse, safety or wellbeing concerns, your Health Visitor will provide information, guidance and help.

We support and empower parents to build strong relationships with their children and offer advice and guidance depending on the latest evidence. Dads and other family members are important too, and your Health Visitor will encourage them to share their experiences in discussions about pregnancy and birth.

Click here for more information on Health Visiting when your baby is born.

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