How to Book Your Antenatal Care

To support your pregnancy health it’s important to book your antenatal care as soon as possible, the earlier the better.

You can do this by popping along to your local Family Hub or by a self referral.

When making your appointment through your local Family Hub you will receive a free copy of our Bump to Baby magazine, which is full of helpful information throughout each stage of your pregnancy. If you haven’t yet received your copy of our "Bump to Baby" magazine you can view a copy here.

What Is Antenatal Care?

Your midwife

A midwife is the main provider of care for most pregnant women. Midwives are highly skilled, qualified professionals who care for women during normal pregnancy, childbirth and after the birth. You will be introduced to your midwife, who will care for you during your pregnancy and when you go home. You may meet different members of a team of midwives throughout your pregnancy. Midwives are trained to make sure everything goes as well as possible and to recognise any potential problems for you and your baby. Midwives work both in maternity units and in the community, often in a team system. The style of care may depend on where you live. Community midwives may visit you at home before the birth and will continue to care for you after the birth.


A doctor who specialises in pregnancy and childbirth. You may see an obstetrician or another qualified doctor who is trained in obstetrics. Obstetricians are likely to be heavily involved if there is a problem with your pregnancy or birth but, if everything is fine, the chances are you may not need to see one. To find out more about the range of tests you’ll be offered during your pregnancy, including blood tests and ultrasound baby scans click here.

Pregnancy week-by-week

Find out what to expect from every week of your pregnancy by clicking here.

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